Film Review: Donbass [CZ]

The film Donbas, directed by Sergej Loznica, takes us into the (un)ordinary life of the self-proclaimed People's Republic, which in the film resembles a planet of crime. It opens the door to a world of raw absurdity, in which we easily confuse documentary reality with surrealism.

Day of Ukraine 2023 - the second year of the festival of students of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague [CZ]

The second the Day of Ukraine in a row, organized mainly by students of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague, took place on Friday, April 21, at the Hybernská Campus. As last year, the programme consisted of interesting cultural, linguistic and artistic contributions. There were also Ukrainian borscht and traditional sweets.

The war in Ukraine from media perspective [CZ]

The information regarding the current situation in Ukraine has been regularly included in the list of the most important news of the world media since the beginning of the Russian invasion. Journalists from all over the world come to the war zone. Some of them lost their lives there. Ukrainian media are also trying to report on the war, but they are struggling with much more challenging conditions. Unlike foreign journalists, Ukrainian ones often have no background and no funding. Moreover, social media is used to gain information during the war in Ukraine, more than in any other conflict. This type of media can give direct testimony but also spread misinformation or reveal the location of soldiers.

Christmas and the church split in Ukraine [RUS]

This year will be a turning point for Ukrainian religious society. The country, where more than 70% of the population considers themselves religious (according to opinion polls), will celebrate Christmas alongside many Western Christian denominations for the first time - and at the same time, there is likely to be a major church split.

5 scenarios how security experts think the war in Ukraine could turn out [CZ]

The ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine is likely not going according to Putin's plan. The Ukrainian army is supported by the West with weapons and humanitarian aid, and the troops are resisting much more than the Kremlin expected. According to experts, there are several scenarios in play for how the war could develop or end in the future.

Most people have left their homes since the Second World War. Ukraine has one of the highest numbers of refugees in the world [CZ]

Ukraine has become one of the countries with the highest number of refugees due to the ongoing Russian military invasion. Most of them went to Poland, but also to other European countries such as Germany, Slovakia, Italy and the Czech Republic. The European Union grants refugees a protection status, which allows them to live a little more freely in the countries that have accepted them.

Current situation in education in Ukraine [RUS]

The school year in Ukraine is due to start on 1 September, but it is not yet clear what the actual education process will look like during the war. In the Ukrainian regions far from the areas of fighting, it will be possible to choose between full-time and distance education. For more information, see our article.

Ukrainian Railways [RUS]

Ukrainian Railways - Ukrzaliznytsia - has long been considered an inefficient company. Efforts to reform it have been underway for many years - the first modernization plans are almost 25 years old. Read more about the Ukrainian Railways in our article.

Information for Ukrainian and Czech citizens in the Czech Republic regarding the conflict in Ukraine

In our post you will find a clear summary of specific ways of helping Ukrainian refugees and links to useful information for incoming Ukrainian citizens.

Film Review: На миг оглянуться... [CZ]

The film was made in 1984 by director Vyacheslav Kolegayev and comes from the Odessa Film Studio. There is no rhetoric of the great socialist movies typical for the previous period in this film anymore. The explicit meaning of the film is given by its nostalgia and the effort to break free from the life stereotype.