Film Review: Asthenic Syndrome - Part II [CZ]

Meaning of symbolism in the film of Kira Muratova and comparisons to similar movies. A little look back at the film Asthenic Syndrome and an interpretation of its visual message.

Film Review: Asthenic Syndrome - Part I [CZ]

Bizarre film opus of the first lady of Ukrainian film Kira Muratova. The story of people tired of life, absurdity, apathy, and themselves.

Historical Reflections on Ukrainian Migration [CZ]

Migration is an important social phenomenon in Ukraine affecting the economy, interpersonal relations, science, and art. The article summarizes its history and describes four major waves of migration from the 19th century to the present. The text was largely based on the lecture of «Ukrainian Emigration» presented by Dr. Tereza Chlaňová, who works at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague.

Cybersecurity in Ukraine

The article (including all the provided information) is based on the ground research and experience of Team4Ukraine gained during the implementation of the cyber projects (i.e. training and research activities) in Ukraine funded by Visegrad Fund.