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Electronic prescriptions [RUS]

Ukraine is reforming its pharmaceutical market. Since 1 April, electronic prescriptions for most medicines have been introduced in Ukraine. This is a fairly common thing in Western countries, but it came as a surprise to Ukrainians and the new measures caused panic. The list of medicines that are now available only on prescription contains thousands of items.

Day of Ukraine 2023 - the second year of the festival of students of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague [CZ]

The second the Day of Ukraine in a row, organized mainly by students of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague, took place on Friday, April 21, at the Hybernská Campus. As last year, the programme consisted of interesting cultural, linguistic and artistic contributions. There were also Ukrainian borscht and traditional sweets.

Part III. of the cycle “Ukrainians and Folk Culture in Ukraine”: Chata, pysanky and vyshyvanka. Material aspects of folk culture [CZ]

The paper provides an insight into the material folk culture in Ukraine, specifically introducing folk architecture, clothing and some examples of folk art.

Crisis in Ukrainian agriculture [RUS]

The Ukrainian agricultural sector, one of the main sectors of the economy capable of filling the country's budget with money, is entering a deep crisis. The sector is not only experiencing difficulties caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but also seems to be rapidly losing trading partners and markets.

National Reconstruction Plan of Ukraine [RUS]

Hundreds of thousands of homes across the country have been damaged or completely destroyed as a result of the fighting. The draft National Reconstruction Plan of Ukraine, which the government has developed together with experts, envisages not only reconstruction and construction, but also the modernisation of housing. However, Ukrainian builders will definitely not start mass construction of modernized houses in the near future.

Price rises in 2023 [RUS]

Ukraine is preparing for the summer season and fears another price increase. In autumn 2022, the government imposed a moratorium on utility tariffs increases during 2023. However, it does not apply to all services. The country will not be able to avoid the growth of tariffs this year. Moreover, experts do not expect inflation in Ukraine to slow substantially in 2023. All Ukrainians will feel the effects. Regardless of financial difficulties and rising prices, Ukrainians are getting ready to celebrate Easter. In the article you will find some economic data related to the celebration of this holiday in Ukraine.