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Film Review: Asthenic Syndrome - Part I [CZ]

Bizarre film opus of the first lady of Ukrainian film Kira Muratova. The story of people tired of life, absurdity, apathy, and themselves.

Energy crisis in Ukraine [RU]

Since spring 2020, Ukraine has been shaken by an unprecedented energy crisis. The main reason is the sharp decline in electricity consumption due to all restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The generally difficult situation in the country's economy influences the situation as well. Simultaneously, there has been identified an uncontrolled increase in "green" energy sector in recent months.

Historical Reflections on Ukrainian Migration [CZ]

Migration is an important social phenomenon in Ukraine affecting the economy, interpersonal relations, science, and art. The article summarizes its history and describes four major waves of migration from the 19th century to the present. The text was largely based on the lecture of «Ukrainian Emigration» presented by Dr. Tereza Chlaňová, who works at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague.

Health care reform in Ukraine [RU]

Health care reform is discussed in Ukraine. What was started by former health minister Ulyana Suprunova is considered insufficient by the current government.

Gambling business in Ukraine [RU]

Ukraine is going to legalize gambling. The administration of President Zelensky expects this step to bring another 9 billion hryvnias to the state budget. However, the Ukrainian Parliament refused to approve the relevant bill due to a strong lobby of sellers of state lotteries in the first attempt. They appear to be the primary recipients of benefits from the “gray” gambling industry. Parliamentary opposition is against as well.

Cybersecurity in Ukraine

The article (including all the provided information) is based on the ground research and experience of Team4Ukraine gained during the implementation of the cyber projects (i.e. training and research activities) in Ukraine funded by Visegrad Fund.