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Czech Compatriots in Ukraine and the Bolsheviks - Part I. [CZ]

Czech compatriots were the second largest expatriate community in the Russian Empire before the outbreak of World War I. Read more about its functioning and organization in the early 19th century in our article.

Ukraine and the "Great Construction" project [RUS]

The "Great Construction" project (in Ukrainian "Велике будівництво") is one of the key and image-making projects for President Zelensky and his team. In this context, a very controversial decision was made by the authorities in 2020. 35 billion hryvnias from the COVID-19 fund was redirected to road construction. Read more in our article.

Record wheat harvest in Ukraine and the price of bread is rising [RUS]

The price of bread in Ukraine rises despite the record wheat crop. Why is that? Read our article.

Film Review: На миг оглянуться... [CZ]

The film was made in 1984 by director Vyacheslav Kolegayev and comes from the Odessa Film Studio. There is no rhetoric of the great socialist movies typical for the previous period in this film anymore. The explicit meaning of the film is given by its nostalgia and the effort to break free from the life stereotype.

Pension reform in Ukraine [RU]

Since 1st July, pensions have increased in Ukraine. The government announced that the lives of retirees will improve now. However, the generally positive statements exclude the information that the average pension will increase by only 54 Ukrainian hryvnia (i.e. less than 2 euros).

Coronavirus and vaccination in Ukraine [RU]

Another strong wave of coronavirus will likely hit Ukraine. Experts warn that immediate action is needed, otherwise, the number of cases may increase sharply before the beginning of this autumn. Moreover, there is an urgent lack of vaccines in the country.