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"Borshch runs through our veins." Ukrainians and Folk Culture in Ukraine, Part I. Concepts, contexts, ethnographic regions [CZ]

The article introduces the reader to the issue of folk culture as a phenomenon that develops primarily on a regional and local basis, characterizes Ukrainians and other inhabitants of Ukraine as a subject of study, defines and presents the ethnographic regionalization of the territory from a historical, geographical and dialectological point of view.

Unemployment benefit in Ukraine [RUS]

The maximum unemployment benefit is now equal to the official minimum wage in the country. The minimum unemployment benefit has been reduced. Neither the amount of the benefit nor the minimum wage will be revised during this year. You can find more about unemployment in Ukraine in our article.

Czechoslovaks in Ukraine and the Bolsheviks - Part 2. [CZ]

Czech compatriots were the second largest expatriate community in the Russian Empire before the outbreak of World War I. Read more about its functioning and organization in the early 20th century in our article.

The war in Ukraine from media perspective [CZ]

The information regarding the current situation in Ukraine has been regularly included in the list of the most important news of the world media since the beginning of the Russian invasion. Journalists from all over the world come to the war zone. Some of them lost their lives there. Ukrainian media are also trying to report on the war, but they are struggling with much more challenging conditions. Unlike foreign journalists, Ukrainian ones often have no background and no funding. Moreover, social media is used to gain information during the war in Ukraine, more than in any other conflict. This type of media can give direct testimony but also spread misinformation or reveal the location of soldiers.

What is the probability of a nuclear conflict? [CZ]

Debates whether nuclear weapons will be used in the Russian-Ukrainian war have been going on since February this year, i.e. when the war began. President Putin explicitly stated that if Russia is cornered, weapons of mass destruction will be used. However, according to security experts, it is rather a warning to other countries not to escalate their aid to Ukraine.

Ukrainian export in a war time [RUS]

This year’s Ukraine mostly exported commodities of Ukraine in this year were corn (21.9 million tons worth $5.3 billion), wheat (9.6 million tons worth $2.3 billion) and sunflower oil (3.9 million tons worth $5 billion). Of course, this is less than in the same period of the pre-war 2021 - by 16.7% in volumes, and by almost 14% in value. At the end of the year, the Ukraine ‘s agricultural sector of Ukraine also faced an unexpected problem - the impact of anti-Russian Western sanctions.