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Ukrainian Economy in Times of War [RUS]

The Russian military invasion of Ukraine is a terrible shock to the Ukrainian economy and industry, which have already been in a difficult situation for the past decade. For more information regarding the current state of the Ukrainian economy, see our article.

Ukraine shuts down some pro-Russian channels, including Yevheniy Murayev's NASH TV [CZ]

The National Security Council of Ukraine (NSCU) has imposed sanctions on some Ukrainian TV channels, including TV NASH of ex-deputy and founder of the same name political party Yevheniy Murayev. The Council's secretary, Oleksiy Danilov, made the announcement on 11 February 2022, just after the Council's meeting in Kharkiv. The sanctions imposed provide for the suspension of terrestrial and satellite broadcasting of the sanctioned stations for five years. The channels broadcast pro-Russian propaganda, some of them including Russian programmes that are banned in Ukraine. Murayev's NASH channel has previously been fined by Ukraine's National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting for spreading hate and anti-Ukrainian speech. Moreover, the sanctions come shortly after Muraev was identified by British intelligence as a possible future puppet president in the service of Moscow.

Information for Ukrainian and Czech citizens in the Czech Republic regarding the conflict in Ukraine

In our post you will find a clear summary of specific ways of helping Ukrainian refugees and links to useful information for incoming Ukrainian citizens.

Czech Compatriots in Ukraine and the Bolsheviks - Part I. [CZ]

Czech compatriots were the second largest expatriate community in the Russian Empire before the outbreak of World War I. Read more about its functioning and organization in the early 19th century in our article.

Ukraine and the "Great Construction" project [RUS]

The "Great Construction" project (in Ukrainian "Велике будівництво") is one of the key and image-making projects for President Zelensky and his team. In this context, a very controversial decision was made by the authorities in 2020. 35 billion hryvnias from the COVID-19 fund was redirected to road construction. Read more in our article.

Record wheat harvest in Ukraine and the price of bread is rising [RUS]

The price of bread in Ukraine rises despite the record wheat crop. Why is that? Read our article.