Information for Ukrainian and Czech citizens in the Czech Republic regarding the conflict in Ukraine

In our post you will find a clear summary of specific ways of helping Ukrainian refugees and links to useful information for incoming Ukrainian citizens.

This link summarises the Ministry of the Interior’s information for Ukrainian citizens in the Czech Republic:

A clear and brief summary of specific ways to get involved in helping Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic and links to useful information for incoming Ukrainian citizens:

1. Being in touch with friends / acquaintances / students from Ukraine, supporting them, talking to them, taking an interest in their feelings, not being afraid to talk about difficult topics. Now, you can call in Ukraine for free. Most Czech operators stopped charging for calls to countries in war.[1]

2. Offer accommodation/share accommodation information on the following websites that organise accommodation of refugees:…/shelterfo…/home/i-can-help……

3. Provide/share information, e.g. regarding “refugee status” – where can I apply for it? The answer is: “Only from the Czech Republic.” All necessary and up-to-date information is provided by the Refugee Aid Organisation on the following website:…/opu-pripraveno-reagovat-na…/

You can find more information in Ukrainian at the following link:

4. Help as a volunteer. In order to help as effectively as possible, it is good to get involved in organised aid. More information can be found on the following websites:

5. Provide financial support, for example, to the following institutions:

The Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic has set up an account for immediate aid for the defence of Ukraine: 304452700/0300.

SOS Ukraine – collection of People in Need…

Charity of the Czech Republic…/vyhlasujeme-sbirku-charita…/




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