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State Budget of Ukraine for 2023 [RUS]

What will be the final form of the main financial document of the warring Ukraine will be known very soon. By October 1, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada must submit their proposals to the budget, and by October 20 a vote for the law in the first reading should already take place.

The war in Ukraine has deepened the food crisis. Poor countries are particularly at risk [CZ]

The world is facing grain shortages due to the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The cost of oilseeds and fertilisers is also increasing, which has a negative impact on food price rises and high inflation. Millions of people on the planet are thus threatened by famine, especially poor developing countries.

Current situation in education in Ukraine [RUS]

The school year in Ukraine is due to start on 1 September, but it is not yet clear what the actual education process will look like during the war. In the Ukrainian regions far from the areas of fighting, it will be possible to choose between full-time and distance education. For more information, see our article.

The war in Ukraine is an economic disaster for the world. However, it could be over by the end of the year [CZ]

More than a hundred days have passed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Its negative impact is felt almost all over the world. "This is an economic disaster," World Bank President David Malpass told the BBC. The world is thus in a state of great uncertainty regarding the future. However, according to Western intelligence, Russia is running out of troops and equipment. The war could end by the end of the year, according to optimistic forecasts.


The state-owned company Naftogaz of Ukraine has announced a default on its Eurobonds. Is there enough money in the company's accounts for their repayment?

Ukrainian healthcare during the war [RUS]

What is the current situation regarding the availability of medicines in Ukraine for the local population? How much do they pay for medicine compared to the period before the conflict escalated? The answers to these questions you will find in our article.