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Crisis in Ukrainian agriculture [RUS]

The Ukrainian agricultural sector, one of the main sectors of the economy capable of filling the country's budget with money, is entering a deep crisis. The sector is not only experiencing difficulties caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but also seems to be rapidly losing trading partners and markets.

National Reconstruction Plan of Ukraine [RUS]

Hundreds of thousands of homes across the country have been damaged or completely destroyed as a result of the fighting. The draft National Reconstruction Plan of Ukraine, which the government has developed together with experts, envisages not only reconstruction and construction, but also the modernisation of housing. However, Ukrainian builders will definitely not start mass construction of modernized houses in the near future.

Price rises in 2023 [RUS]

Ukraine is preparing for the summer season and fears another price increase. In autumn 2022, the government imposed a moratorium on utility tariffs increases during 2023. However, it does not apply to all services. The country will not be able to avoid the growth of tariffs this year. Moreover, experts do not expect inflation in Ukraine to slow substantially in 2023. All Ukrainians will feel the effects. Regardless of financial difficulties and rising prices, Ukrainians are getting ready to celebrate Easter. In the article you will find some economic data related to the celebration of this holiday in Ukraine.

Ukrainian children in Czech schools: most of them are educated with Czech peers [CZ]

Tens of thousands of Ukrainian children who fled the war are currently being educated in the Czech Republic. The Czech education system had to respond and create a long-term education system for them. Most of the children are currently enrolled in Czech schools, but the situation has been addressed differently according to the needs of the regions and the families.

"No one in the world does it as we do." Folk culture in Ukraine, Part II. Ethnographic groups or singular ethnicities? Poleshuks, Rusyns and other inhabitants of Ukraine [CZ]

This article characterizes the ethnographic groups in Ukraine, focusing on the Poleshuks from the Ukrainian-Belarusian-Polish borderlands and the Rusyns (Lemkos, Boykos and Hutsuls) from the Carpathian region, who are also considered a separate East Slavic nation. It briefly presents interesting facts about their culture, customs and folklore.

Ukrainian Economy after the year of war [RUS]

UN experts say that the blocking of ports and damage to steel mills has had an extremely negative impact on the country's economy. Despite this, the decline of the Ukrainian economy was less than expected; the support of Western countries - primarily financial support - played a role. Ukraine's financial system has been preserved as such, banks have worked almost continuously and there has been no collapse of the hryvnia and no hyperinflation. Now the country needs to focus on a few key aspects: improving business security, expanding logistics routes, attracting foreign investment and working together with foreign partners.