Internally displaced persons in Ukraine [RUS]

As of February 2023, there were 4.8 million internally displaced persons officially registered in Ukraine - that means, those Ukrainian citizens who were forced to leave their homes because of the war, but did not leave the country but moved to safer regions. Assistance to internally displaced persons is the largest of the social benefits planned in the state budget for 2023.

More than half of Ukrainians in the Czech Republic work in jobs that do not correspond to their qualifications [CZ]

A large proportion of Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic work in unskilled jobs that are also associated with low financial compensation. The biggest obstacles for them to obtain better jobs are the poor economic situation and the difficult nostrification exams required for recognition of their foreign university degrees.

Electronic prescriptions [RUS]

Ukraine is reforming its pharmaceutical market. Since 1 April, electronic prescriptions for most medicines have been introduced in Ukraine. This is a fairly common thing in Western countries, but it came as a surprise to Ukrainians and the new measures caused panic. The list of medicines that are now available only on prescription contains thousands of items.

Part III. of the cycle “Ukrainians and Folk Culture in Ukraine”: Chata, pysanky and vyshyvanka. Material aspects of folk culture [CZ]

The paper provides an insight into the material folk culture in Ukraine, specifically introducing folk architecture, clothing and some examples of folk art.

Price rises in 2023 [RUS]

Ukraine is preparing for the summer season and fears another price increase. In autumn 2022, the government imposed a moratorium on utility tariffs increases during 2023. However, it does not apply to all services. The country will not be able to avoid the growth of tariffs this year. Moreover, experts do not expect inflation in Ukraine to slow substantially in 2023. All Ukrainians will feel the effects. Regardless of financial difficulties and rising prices, Ukrainians are getting ready to celebrate Easter. In the article you will find some economic data related to the celebration of this holiday in Ukraine.

Ukrainian children in Czech schools: most of them are educated with Czech peers [CZ]

Tens of thousands of Ukrainian children who fled the war are currently being educated in the Czech Republic. The Czech education system had to respond and create a long-term education system for them. Most of the children are currently enrolled in Czech schools, but the situation has been addressed differently according to the needs of the regions and the families.

"No one in the world does it as we do." Folk culture in Ukraine, Part II. Ethnographic groups or singular ethnicities? Poleshuks, Rusyns and other inhabitants of Ukraine [CZ]

This article characterizes the ethnographic groups in Ukraine, focusing on the Poleshuks from the Ukrainian-Belarusian-Polish borderlands and the Rusyns (Lemkos, Boykos and Hutsuls) from the Carpathian region, who are also considered a separate East Slavic nation. It briefly presents interesting facts about their culture, customs and folklore.

Compensation for damaged and destroyed housing as a result of the Russian invasion [RUS]

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is preparing for the second reading of the long-awaited Law No. 7198, which sets out the rules for the payment of compensation for housing damaged and destroyed as a result of the Russian invasion. The general principle set out in the document is that citizens must be compensated for both partially damaged and completely destroyed houses.

"Borshch runs through our veins." Ukrainians and Folk Culture in Ukraine, Part I. Concepts, contexts, ethnographic regions [CZ]

The article introduces the reader to the issue of folk culture as a phenomenon that develops primarily on a regional and local basis, characterizes Ukrainians and other inhabitants of Ukraine as a subject of study, defines and presents the ethnographic regionalization of the territory from a historical, geographical and dialectological point of view.

Unemployment benefit in Ukraine [RUS]

The maximum unemployment benefit is now equal to the official minimum wage in the country. The minimum unemployment benefit has been reduced. Neither the amount of the benefit nor the minimum wage will be revised during this year. You can find more about unemployment in Ukraine in our article.